Boy Robot

✩ Adrian
20 year-old male. queer. lives in washington state but attends college in california. likes: video games, network TV, anime, manga. dislikes: drama, bigots, homophobes, ignorance
obsessed with electronics. loves cesario, viola, titano, and andrew (his macbook pro, ipod touch, digital camera, and mytouch 4g, respectively). plays games primarily on his ds and psp but occasionally busts out his wii, playstation2, nintendo 64, or dreamcast when he gets bored. loves the zelda, mario, and kingdom hearts series, among many other games.
finds himself glued to the TV when cougar town, glee, dexter, and the office are on. otherwise, his favorite show is veronica mars and he is (unhealthily) obsessed with it. if you're still interested, more can be found out about him at the "about me" link below.